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07th Dec 2019

Here’s your first, violent look at The Boys season two

Dave Hanratty

The Boys season 2

Amazon’s bloody superhero satire is coming back.

One of the breakout success stories of the year from a TV point of view – specifically an exclusive streaming point of view – was The Boys.

The Amazon Prime Original came, saw and conquered in bloody fashion, unleashing a fearless and often shocking – that plane scene, yikes – commentary on superheroes and the corrosive power that they wield.

Across eight episodes, the show boasted several highlights including Jack Quaid’s damaged everyman, Antony Starr’s monstrous twist on Captain America and Superman in the form of Homelander and Karl Urban’s bizarre accent choice.

All in all, it was an easy – if wildly uncomfortable at times – watch.

The Boys also appeared to be a huge boost for Amazon with the company reporting that the show exceeded their expectations. As such, a second season quickly went into production.

Co-creator Evan Goldberg has already made some noise that season two will be bigger, better and, but of course, bloodier.

The first official teaser for the next chapter would appear to confirm those words.

No official release date just yet beyond some time in 2020, but you can get hyped right now with the below trailer…

Clip via Prime Video UK