After 10 years, The Den is returning to our TV screens 1 year ago

After 10 years, The Den is returning to our TV screens

2020, you may have just turned it all around.

After what has been a tough year for basically everyone in the world, we need a good news story every now and again.


And this is exactly that.

The Den will be returning to our television screens on 1 November, it was announced on Tuesday.

Ray D'Arcy confirmed the news on his show, implying that Dustin and co. will return on RTÉ One at 6.30pm.


Finally, something positive to look forward to that doesn't seem like it's going to be years and years away.

The news was announced exactly 33 years after Zig and Zag came into our lives for the first time.

The Den aired for the last time on 19 September 2010, and while it is currently unclear whether the return will be long-term or just a once-off occasion, we'll take what we can get at this stage.


Now all we need is to get Quizone back on the air...

Why not celebrate this news by remembering one of the all-time great moments from The Den?

Clip via Tonyslaughter