The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 105 3 months ago

The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 105

“Do you like scary quizzes?”

You're very welcome to The Big Reviewski JOE Movie Quiz.


Just like death and taxes, another certainty in life is that Round 1 will be all about Movie General Knowledge. Sometimes, we like to pretend that we're not doing it like that, but no, this week, straight up, we are doing it.

Round 2 is all about Kate Winslet, one of our favourite actors ever ever EVER and, for anyone who has watched the amazing Mare of Easttown, you should check out our review of the superb series right here.

Speaking of a superb series...

Have you heard the one where one poor Irish lad was forced kindly encouraged to watch ALL off the Fast & Furious films back-to-back? Here's his reaction when he eventually reached the very, very end... 



And last, but not least, Round 3 will be about movies starring the cast of Friends. As if we really need to explain why, but after the ENTIRETY of the Irish internet outdid itself with incredible memes of Matt LeBlanc as an Irish aul' lad/Uncle Joey, it felt like the right thing to do.

"But there are six Friends and only five questions" we hear you cry! Don't worry, for this week only, we're sticking six questions in to the final round.

Could we BE any more generous?

On your movies... get set... GO!


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