The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 96 7 months ago

The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 96

"For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn quiz..."

Welcome to The Big Reviewski JOE Movie Quiz.


Round 1 – In a shocking turn of events, we're kicking off with Movie General Knowledge.

Did you hear about this on-the-run mafia man who was tracked down and arrested after Interpol discovered videos of him giving cooking demonstrations on YouTube?

An incredible story.

Anyway, Round 2 is all about famous film fugitives; some of them innocent, some of them not so much…

Last, but not least, Round 3 tests your knowledge of boats on the big screen. It's all to celebrate this news that the Ever Given was finally freed from the Suez Canal and now we all have to go back to living our goddamn boatless lives again.

And don't forget to check out this latest spoiler-filled review of the brand new show, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. It's not quite a big stuck boat, but it's still pretty class all the same...


On your movies... get set... GO!

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