'The Last of Us' gets set for movie adaptation 6 years ago

'The Last of Us' gets set for movie adaptation

It has been confirmed that the award winning PS3 video game, The Last of Us, will be made into a movie…

Three months ago we brought you the news that Sony had registered two internet domain names, TheLastOfUs-Movie.com and TheLastOfUsMovie.net, which suggested a big screen adaptation of their hit zombie survival game, The Last of Us, could be on the cards.

Well, it has now been confirmed that the game will soon make its way onto cinema screens with Spider-Man director Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures involved.

According to Deadline, ‘Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director for the game, will write the script’, so lets just hope he doesn’t go and ruin one of our favourite games of all time, as we all know what happens when video games get turned into movies – do we need to remind anyone of the Mario Bros. movie? *Shudders*

Anyway, here’s a look at the tagline for The Last of Us, but if you’ve played the game then you already know what’s in store: ‘Hardened survivor Joel teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a radically transformed world some 20 years after an infectious pandemic ravages humanity.’

To get you in the mood for the movie - which is probably still a few years away at this stage - here's a documentary that takes a look at the making of the game. It's an hour and a half long, but it'll be perfect for lunch time viewing.