The line-up for the Graham Norton show looks very good 6 years ago

The line-up for the Graham Norton show looks very good

Avengers assemble while Blur return.

It's Friday, so that means Graham Norton is back on your telly chatting to celebrities about stuff that they're trying to plug and more.


Tonight, the Corkman is joined by the cast of a small Icelandic art-house film that focuses on the plight of local fisherman. Nah, he only has three of the stars from the biggest film on the planet, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

One of JOE's favouite bands will also be making an appearance while comedian Josh Widdicombe is also tagging along.

Scroll down to see the full line-up.

Mark Ruffalo

The Oscar nominated actor is one of the very best people to watch on any chat-show because unlike his alter-ego The Hulk, he's full of craic and rarely smashes the living shite out of things.

Fans of the show will also know that he's particularly fond of riding a unicycle whenever he's around Graham.

So there's that to look forward to.


Marvel Studios Panel - Comic-Con International 2014

Jeremy Renner

The star of The Hurt Locker and The Town will also be on hand to back up team Marvel and he'll presumably be talking more often than his character Hawkeye did in the first Avengers film.

We wonder if that 'moment' with Jennifer Lopez will also be brought up?

Jeremy Renner Boobs


Elizabeth Olsen

It would be great craic if the talented actress displayed real-life powers of telekinesis in the studio, like her character Scarlet Witch has in the film, but we imagine that the younger sister of the worlds most famous twins will definitely be worth watching.

We still prefer the De Boer twins over the Olsen's though.

elizabeth olsen


Josh Widdicombe

We're fairly certain that the comedian isn't starring in the biggest film of the summer but he's always good value on shows like Mock the Week, QI and Have I Got News For You.


Everyone has probably spent the afternoon listening to their new album, Magic Whip is ace,  but if you haven't then Damon and the lads will be on hand to give you a brief taste of their new record.


Of course you're going to be watching tonight's show, it's the Avengers and Blur for gods sake!

Blur The Magic Whip