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07th Sep 2021

QUIZ: How well do you remember the Matrix franchise?

Dave Hanratty

The Matrix quiz

Welcome back to wonderland…

The trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is set to drop on Thursday afternoon.

If you’ve missed the first teasers of the forthcoming sequel, go here.

If you’re staying here instead, how about a 20-question quiz on the famous sci-fi series?

The general consensus is that the 1999 original remains brilliant and that the two sequels – Reloaded and Revolutions, both released in 2003 – aren’t quite up to snuff. Reloaded has that freeway chase, though, so if Resurrections can top that, we’re in for some spectacular sights indeed.

Here, you will find questions on all three Matrix films to date.

Four minutes on the clock.

100% and you’ve won the Battle for Zion…

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