WATCH: The first footage from The Matrix Resurrections is properly unnerving 2 years ago

WATCH: The first footage from The Matrix Resurrections is properly unnerving

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"This is the moment..."

We've been anxiously waiting for something - ANYTHING - about the new Matrix movie for some time now.


So much so that even the revelation of the title - The Matrix Resurrections - was enough to get us very excited, especially considering the movie is due to arrive in just a few months time.

We had previously chatted to one of the movie's stars, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and while he told us very little, again, it was enough to warrant us getting very, VERY excited.

And so now here we are, and we've finally got our first look at the movie... kind of.

A new website has opened – The Choice Is Yours at What Is The Matrix – and it shows a red pill and a blue pill.


If you choose the red pill, you will hear Abdul-Mateen II's voice (apparently he is a young stand-in for Morpheus in the movie), as he guides you out of the Matrix and back through to reality, with glimpses of the movie playing over some very creepy music.

If you choose the blue pill, you will hear what sounds like the voice of Jonathan Groff (the star of Mindhunter, and who we're guessing will be Agent Smith's replacement here), trying to calm you into staying within the world of the artificial intelligence, but also over some beautiful imagery and equally creepy music.

We're then told that the full trailer will launch in two days' time – so we'll be checking back in on Thursday, 9 September – but the best part is if you click into the red and/or blue pills again, the play-throughs will reveal tiny snippets of different footage, and some of the stuff we're getting just glimpses of looks absolutely magnificent.

Oh, and every time you play it, either voice will tell you the exact time you're watching it. Which is... yeah, additionally creepy.


Click here to check it out for yourself.

The Matrix Resurrections is due for release in Irish cinemas on Friday, 22 December.

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