The Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror is getting some very positive reviews 4 years ago

The Miley Cyrus episode of Black Mirror is getting some very positive reviews

Have you seen it yet?

Popstar Miley Cyrus stars in a new episode of Black Mirror titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, and it is getting quite a positive reception so far.


The New Yorker have described the episode as "the best episode of the new season", while Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane has also taken to Twitter to sing its praises.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic also described it as "the best episode of the new season".

The plot of the episode bears quite a striking resemblance to the former child star's real life, albeit with a classic Black Mirror twist, and is one that is as relevant as ever in today's entertainment industry.

It's also one of the slightly more positive episodes of the series, although the bar is pretty low in that sense, in that Black Mirror often reflects a somewhat terrifying outlook on how technology could change our lives.


Cyrus herself recently spoke in an interview about the episode, saying: "I think it’s an important story that needs to be told, such a realistic take on what it’s like working in the music industry.

"It really portrays the overt exploitation of artists and that numbers usually eclipse the creative most of the time."

Talking about the similarities between the world of pop music that she's lived through, and the one in the series, she said: "Eerily so… yes. You can see it playing out in the media right now. There’s huge similarities with what we see in pop music today."