It looks like The Simpsons will definitely be on Disney+ in Ireland 2 years ago

It looks like The Simpsons will definitely be on Disney+ in Ireland

There has been serious doubt surrounding whether the classic cartoon show would be on the streaming service in the UK and Ireland.

People in the UK and Ireland have been buzzing for Disney+ to make its way to our isles ever since it launched in America back in 2019.


Getting to see almost loads of Disney content, as well as Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies, on top of original television shows like The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series seems too good to resist.

But there was one issue, it seemed as though The Simpsons may not be included in the rollout for the UK and Ireland, due to the differing television rights over here.

And on Tuesday morning, our prayers to Reverend Lovejoy were answered.

Disney+ posted a tweet on its official page that all but confirmed that the iconic cartoon cartoon show would be coming to the streaming service in the UK.


British GQ then confirmed the news, and said that if we get the same deal that the streaming service offers in the United States, it means we'll have 30 seasons and 660-odd episodes.

Although we wouldn't be surprised to learn that a lot of people will cut off their rewatch at Season 12.


We won't judge...