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17th Apr 2023

Netflix have just added an extremely bingeable thriller series

Stephen Porzio

The Sister

From the creator of Luther and consisting of just four 45-minute episodes, you could watch the entire show in an evening.

Between Beef and The Night Agent, Netflix has been on a roll of late in regard to its TV output and now they have added another addictive series to their library.

That show is The Sister and comes from writer Neil Cross, the creator of Luther. Adapting his own novel Burial, the series originally premiered on ITV in 2020 but may now find a greater audience after making its way onto Netflix’s platform.

The Sister

Bertie Carvel as Bob in The Sister

Netflix have just added The Sister, an extremely bingeable thriller series.

Told over various timelines, its story centres around Nathan (an easy-to-root for Russell Tovey – Years & Years) who in 2010 becomes embroiled in the disappearance of young woman Elise (Simone Ashley – Bridgerton). That said, by 2020, he finds himself happily married to the missing woman’s sister, Holly (Amrita Acharia – Game of Thrones), with the latter unaware of Nathan’s connection to Elise.

However, Holly and Nathan’s happy marriage is threatened with the arrival of Bob (Tony-winner Bertie Carvel giving a mesmerising performance) on their doorstep, a menacing figure from Nathan’s past who was with him the night Elise went missing.

To reveal any more details would be spoiling the fun for viewers, so I will just say that The Sister is a gripping thriller mystery with some strong horror elements. It is the type of show that with every new twist will have viewers desperate to know what exactly happened to Elise and how Nathan is going to get out of his increasingly inescapable predicament.

And thankfully, the show is split up into four easily digestible episodes, consisting of 45 minutes each. As such, if you timed things just right, you could binge the whole series in a day.

The Sister reviews.

Following its premiere back in 2020, the reviews of The Sister were for the most part positive. You can check out what a few critics said about the show below:

The Age: “The Sister feels like the old British horror series from the 1970s — moody lighting, mysteriously misty laneways — but the first-rate acting keeps things from getting too cheesy.”

Boston Globe: “Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a TV character’s world fall completely apart, episode by episode, slowly and surely.”

The Independent (UK): “[Neil] Cross has said that his aim in this adaptation of his novel Buried is ‘to make viewers sleep with the lights on’. In my case, it certainly worked.”

The Guardian: “A large part of this success must be laid at Tovey’s feet. His Everyman, suffering as an essentially good person trapped in a worsening hell not of his own making, is absolutely agonising.”

Variety: “As the catalyst of drama, Bob is a clever invention, and a frightening one. And he helps carry The Sister — an imperfect but pleasantly unnerving piece of work — over the line into worthwhile.”

The Sister is streaming on Netflix in Ireland and the UK right now. You can check out a trailer for the series right here.

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