Netflix has just added one of the best action movies of the decade 10 months ago

Netflix has just added one of the best action movies of the decade

A sequel is reportedly already in the works.

Released in cinemas in March 2021, pretty much exactly around the time when people decided that avoiding sitting in crowds of strangers might not be good for their health, Nobody unfortunately didn't get the audience that it initially deserved.


It did okay at the box office ($56 million worldwide on a $16 million production budget), and it landed quite well with critics (84% on Rotten Tomatoes), but now that it is available to watch and rewatch and rewatch on Netflix, we expect it to be added to the Friday night heavy rotation thanks to its tight runtime (92 minutes including end credits!) and great action sequences.

Coming from the writer of the first three John Wick movies, from the producer of Atomic Blonde and Hobbs & Shaw, and from the same stunt team that provided the organised chaos at the centre of Bullet Train and Violent Night, it tells the story of quiet family man Hutch (Bob Odenkirk). When his home is broken into, his wife and kids see his lack of response as a sign of weakness, which triggers something inside of him. And that is a very bad thing, because Hutch happens to have a very violent past...

Co-starring Connie Nielsen, Aleksey Serebryakov, RZA and the legendary Christopher Lloyd, Nobody is filled with spectacular action sequences, including one particular standout scene on a moving bus that calls to mind the likes of The Raid and Extraction.


Better yet, the producers have already confirmed that filming for the sequel will kick off sometime in 2023, while the writer has alluded to a potential subtle crossover with the world of John Wick. Bring. It. On!

Nobody is available to watch on Netflix right now, and you can check out our chat with Bob Odenkirk about the movie right here:

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