JOE's Succession Power Rankings: Connor's Wedding 7 months ago

JOE's Succession Power Rankings: Connor's Wedding

"I think today is the day..."

In the words of Kerry - that was f*cking crazy, right? If we thought last week's episode was a biggie, we were in for a massive surprise this week. Season four has upped the intensity once more and the Succession power rankings are in flux again after episode three.


As the title suggests, episode three was supposed to be focusing on Connor and Willa's extravagant wedding. But Logan had other plans - mainly involving dying on a private jet, halfway to Sweden as his offspring awkwardly said their goodbyes on speakerphone.

We're not saying Logan meant to pass on when he did, but we're sure he'd be happy in the knowledge he spoiled everyone's plans and left pretty much everyone close to him on the precipice of emotional and financial ruin.

So, on with the rankings!

9. Logan


Logan Succession season 4 Photo: HBO

As bad as it was for everyone in this episode, we're pretty sure dying is probably the worst thing to happen to a character. Logan went out - quite literally - flying high and managed to create a bit of chaos before he passed. He brought Roman's relationship with his siblings into disrepute and called his children "not serious people". A wonderful goodbye from a truly scary man.

8. Kerry


If there's anything nearly worse than death in Succession, it's probably losing your only link to power, leaving you completely abandoned and surrounded by people who really don't like you. That's where poor Chuckles - I mean Kerry - is currently at.

We're not sure what is coming for Logan's assistant, but we're certain it's probably not going to be good. At least she's still smiling though...

7. Greg

A quiet episode for Greg, but not a successful one. Starting off with Tom replacing him with other Greglets that can do his Gregging for him in a seemingly more efficient manner, the bumbling cousin is stranded on Connor and Willa's wedding boat.


Left to his own devices, he's seen flirting with, and probably accidentally leaking information about Logan's death to, a journalist. At least he doesn't have to deal with Kerry giving him daggers anymore.

6. Tom

It was all going a little too well for Tom, but with his closest ally - the big man himself - having now shuffled off the mortal coil, the wolves are starting to surround Mr. Wambsgans. He chose to side with Logan after betraying his wife and the rest of the Roys and now he may have to pay the price.

Isolated and very vulnerable, Tom may have no option but to run back to Shiv. Let's see how well that goes for him.

5. Roman


Roman Succession season 4 Photo: HBO

Roman is sad and he wants everyone - especially Gerri - to know about it. He's also very much in denial that his father is actually dead until the very last few moments of the episode. It's a tough watch to see the youngest Roy sibling in so much distress.

His last mission given to him by his father was to dismiss the woman he clearly has some... strange feelings for and, even after Logan's sudden death, he's getting no sympathy from her. Has he abandoned his principles for nothing or is there a shot at redemption for the prodigal son?

4. Shiv

Forever living in the enormous shadow of her father, Shiv is in a very strange position now that he's gone. We see her completely break down on the phone as she says goodbye to "daddy", which showed a true vulnerability she usually manages to hide.

However, later in the episode, Shiv steps up and delivers the announcement to the press about her father's death. She even says the siblings intend to still be around as Waystar Royco enters a new era. Could this be the perfect opportunity for her to finally get what's hers?

3. Kendall

Kendall's a weird guy, we all know that. And his reaction to his father dying was no less weird and complex than expected. Clearly upset by his dad dying, Kendall still stands up for himself by saying he can't forgive Logan, even though he expresses his love for him.

In the immediate aftermath, Kendall is the most level-headed out of all the siblings, but maybe that's simply detachment from the myriad of issues the guys got going on right now. However, there's a real opportunity for the Roy boy here and he may finally go out on his own to achieve the ultimate goal - total world domination, or something along those lines. The sibling trio were never going to stick together forever, it's every man for himself now.

2. Connor

Once again, the man with the 1% approval rating has taken the crown of "saddest line in the episode". Upon hearing belatedly of his dad's death (nobody thought that he too might want to say goodbye, no?), Connor utters: "He never even liked me. I never got the chance to make him proud of me."

Maybe it doesn't hurt to be the black sheep sometimes, as Connor is more focussed on his immediate wedding to Willa, which he decides to go through with. He's cleared the air with her too, with her admitting that despite money being a major factor to her marrying him, she's still happy. Love (but mostly money) wins!

1. Gerri

Gerri Succession season 4 Photo: HBO

Not even making the power rankings until now, Gerri finds herself in a very powerful position. Timing is well and truly on her side as before Logan's dismissal of her (delivered by his lapdog, Roman) can be put in writing, the main man has died.

Now it's Gerri's time to get a little payback and she's got the inside scoop on Roman's sibling betrayal. She may not be sticking around much longer, but we're sure she's going to take a few scalps on her way out.

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