Succession star explains the mysterious motivations behind her character 7 months ago

Succession star explains the mysterious motivations behind her character

Logan's closest confidant has some unexplained motives.

In the final season of Succession, Logan Roy has forged an uneasy alliance with his assistant, Kerry Castellabate. Not noted on screen, it's clear to see the ambitious woman is more than an employee to the family patriarch.


But as the season is progressing, it's becoming clear that Kerry may have some ulterior motives beyond her relationship with Logan. In episode two, she made a move to become ATN's newest anchor, even recording an audition tape which became a laughing stock behind closed doors.

It eventually became the responsibility of Greg to break it to Kerry that she wasn't cut out for her anchoring dream. However, she seemed unfazed by the revelation, with a typically cold reaction.

Kerry and Greg's awkward meeting in Succession Kerry and Greg's awkward meeting in episode three. (Photo: HBO)

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter this week, Zoe Winters reveals some of the mysterious background behind her character that adds to the frostiness of her character.

"In season three, you see her pushing Logan toward a fascist alt-right candidate, so she obviously has political leanings that are dangerous and terrifying, and she’s not afraid of exposing that. But I think Kerry is hugely ambitious.

"I think what she wants, more than money, more than anything, is power. There’s this huge sale going on of WayStar, but they’ve done this carveout of ATN. What she’s been promised is this position. I think the audition was just a formality, in her opinion. She wants a voice during this crucial and seminal election. She wants a platform on the international stage while this highly contested election is happening. She thinks it will bring her a lot of power. She’s always had those leanings and ambitions."

Real life influences


Winters also revealed that she took some influence from real-life news anchors in the US in order to achieve the presenting style her character provides.

"Prepping for it, I watched a lot of Laura Ingraham, Tomi Lahren, and a number of conservative political commentators. But I also wanted Kerry to have her own version of it. My in for it was, I think women have this pressure to have charm, and that’s magnified on television."

We may not see Kerry in the ATN newsroom anytime soon, but one thing is for certain: she'll definitely be hanging around for the final battle once the season closes out.

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