Timeline for Season 2 of The Witcher will be 'more focused and linear' as details are revealed 1 month ago

Timeline for Season 2 of The Witcher will be 'more focused and linear' as details are revealed

The Witcher Season 2 starts filming soon and one of the big complaints will be fixed.

"Toss a coin to your Witcher, O' Valley of Plenty, O' Valley of Plenty, oh."

Mad how that song was only released in the last few weeks of 2019 and it has since become the best song of the decade, eh?

Anyway, with news that Geralt of Rivia will be returning for a second season, fans of the Netflix epic have been curious about what the future has in store for everyone's favourite monster hunter.

Well, book readers and video game fans will have a fair idea about what's to come, but for TV viewers that want to remain blissfully ignorant of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri's futures, the timeline is still an issue.

Despite becoming one of Netflix's biggest hits of 2019, some viewers were somewhat puzzled by the show's narrative approach as the plot developed over three distinct timelines.

See, Netflix even released a diagram which makes things a bit easier to follow.

Well, Lauren S. Hissrich, showrunner on The Witcher, has confirmed that Season 2 will be more straightforward and linear.

"The story has a lot more energy and drive because we're not constantly trying to introduce new places or characters. So I feel like Season 2 will be more focused and linear, but there are things that we couldn't fit in Season 1 that i will want to return to in future seasons. We'll continue to use flashbacks when we need it, or other devices, said Hissrich in an interview with Business Insider.

In terms of the plot details, Hissrich added: "You'll learn a lo more about Gerlat. You'l know where he came from and why he is the person he is in Season 1. With Ciri, she's not looking backwards anymore or looking back at her family in Cintra anymore. She's trying to build a new family.And Yennefer is going to be dealing with the Battle of Sodden. She took a big risk at the end of that with that firepower, and it doesn't work out so well for her. "

During a recent Reddit AMA, she also said that Season 2 will delve into the history of Nilfgaard and some of the other Witchers that exist in the universe.

"Yes, we felt like we needed to set up a “bad guy” in Season 1 — but it’s our hope that we’ve added enough layers to Cahir and Fringilla that the audience thinks 'Wait, but they don’t seem insane. So what do they see in Nilfgaard? Maybe there’s more there than meets the eye?” Perhaps we didn’t go far enough in S1, to see more behind Nilfgaard’s curtain — but it will definitely be explored more thoroughly in Season 2. And we decided to save some tidbits of Witcher lore until… you actually meet more Witchers.

As for the start of production on Season 2, Netflix have said that fans don't have long to wait.

Bring it on!