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22nd Aug 2018

These are the 10 most popular spells from the Harry Potter books

Alan Loughnane

Harry Potter

We just wish we could read them all again for the first time…

The Harry Potter series rightly holds the title of the most popular books of all time, and many people across the world grew up with the books and faithfully joined huge queues to get their hands on the last few books as early as possible.

The series are the biggest selling books in history and combined with the movie deal, Harry Potter has waved his wand and made JK Rowling the richest author of all time with a reported worth in excess of £600 million.

In case you’re interested, Harry Potter readers recently voted on their favourite spells as part of a world-wide survey by Bloomsbury Children’s Books and there’s some surprising entries on the list.

Before you read below, you should try taking our quiz to see if you’re a true Harry Potter nerd.

Below are the top ten spells according to readers…

10 – Riddikulus

Spell used for getting rid of a Boggart (something that wasn’t quite appreciated for how scary it was, it should be noted). Usually makes them into something non-threatening.

9 – Obliviate

The spell made famous by Gilderoy Lockhart. It wipes peoples memories but should never be used with a broken wand.

Clip via Wizarding World

8 – Sectumsempra

For use on enemies, according to the Half-Blood Prince AKA Severus Snape.

7 – Avada Kedavra

Why the hell do Harry Potter fans love a spell that kills people? FFS.

6 – Alohomora

The only person that ever seems to use this feckin’ spell is Hermione, to open locked doors. Which she does to great effect. In almost every book, at some point.

5 – Lumos

The spell used to turn your wand into a light. Perfect for bed time reading or sneaking around the Department of Mysteries. So many activities. We just use the torch on our phone these days.

4 – Expelliarmus

The disarming spell. Harry’s trademark and the spell that eventually helped bring about the end of the Dark Lord.

3 – Wingardium Leviosa

The spell used to make people float. NB: It’s “Levi-O-sa”, not “Levi-oSA”.

2- Accio

The summoning charm. I wish I had this to find my headphones in my room… every single day.

1 – Expecto Patronum

Was always going to win. Who doesn’t like a badass animal coming out and fighting away Dementors. The spell ticks all the boxes.

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Harry Potter