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The game is afoot…

Following Sunday night’s gripping episode and a thrilling finale promised for this weekend, there’s plenty of excitement surrounding the current season of Sherlock at the moment.

The BBC decided to capitalise on the level of interest by allowing ‘Sherlock’ to take over the BBC One Twitter account on Tuesday evening to see if their 1.2 million followers possess the same powers of deduction as the famous detective.

From 8pm on Tuesday evening, ‘Sherlock,’ in a style reminiscent of the smug, arrogant and impatient character played by Benedict Cumberbatch, provided followers of the BBC account with a series of text and visual clues to see if they could discover who killed Daniel Collard.

If you didn’t catch it at the time, you can see all the clues below and have a go at solving it yourself.

Be sure not to scroll down to the answer at the end until you’re ready to suggest a solution… or at least until you’ve simply given up.






Solution below...







Well hello there! Keep reading! While you're here...

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