QUIZ: Can you get full marks in our Top Boy quiz? 1 month ago

QUIZ: Can you get full marks in our Top Boy quiz?

No spoilers here, although we're sure you've all binged it at this point.

"Oi, where's the food fam?"

If you've even seen one episode of Top Boy, we're certain that those words have been stuck in your head ever since.

The show has quite an interesting backstory, getting discontinued after two seasons, before being financially revived by Drake for a new season recently released on Netflix.

Starring some of the biggest names in UK Hip-Hop, and launching the careers of some major stars, the show is an undeniable success, and we can't wait for Season 4.

But our question for you is - how well do you know Top Boy?

We're going to show you 15 characters, and all you have to do is know their name.

Easy right?

Well, the characters we're showing you start off pretty simple - you really shouldn't be getting any of the first five wrong - but they do get steadily more difficult.

Good luck bruv...

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