Toy Show Musical launches nationwide search for lead role 10 months ago

Toy Show Musical launches nationwide search for lead role

The search for a new star is underway.

Death, taxes, and The Late Late Toy Show.


These are the three constants in this thing we call life. However, even the Toy Show is capable of evolution, as we learned last weekend with the announcement of the debut live musical version of the family-friendly spectacular.

All of the pertinent details are here but the gist is – they're doing a Toy Show musical in December, Ryan Tubridy won't be involved, and a lot of seasoned names are part of the production.

Currently not part of proceedings? A lead actor. Casting Director Maureen Hughes (Once, The Butcher Boy, Love/Hate, Raw, Charlie) has officially kicked off the search for the character of Nell; a "bright and brilliant 12-year-old girl with a wonderful spirit and great singing and dancing skills" according to the formal description.

Those looking to audition should be between the ages of 11 and 16, with a playing age of 12 years old. Anyone looking to fit the bill is asked to record a short video and fill in the application form, which is found at this link.


In terms of the video audition, hopefuls are asked to:

  •  Sing a verse and chorus of a song of your choice.
  •  Talk a bit about yourself, including any experience you may have in singing, acting, dancing, playing an instrument.
  • Highlight any interesting hobbies or party pieces you may have.

Closing date for video submissions is midnight on Friday, 3 June.