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27th Oct 2017

The trailer for HBO’s new documentary on military K9 units is a tactical missile on your tear-ducts

Hero dogs?? Dear God, there won't be a dry eye left on the planet!

Rory Cashin

Must. Not. Bawl.

There are a few universal triggers that will invariably set everyone into floods of tears:

  • The opening ten minutes of Up
  • When the stern Dad in movies finally makes an emotional connection with his son
  • Every single second of About Time
  • The ending of Toy Story 3 when Andy says goodbye to his toys/childhood
  • Matthew McConaughey’s delayed reaction in Interstellar

However, straight to the top of this list, is literally anything to do with a dog.

Dogs cause an immediate emotional reaction in viewers, so if you’ve decided to put together a documentary about dogs that serve in wars, protecting their humans and getting injured or dying for them, well… No, no!… we swore we weren’t going to cry…

Channing Tatum has executive produced the HBO documentary War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend (Oh God, even that title is enough to set us off!), and it will air on Monday 13 November, but will be available to HBO Go users from Saturday 11 November.

The official synopsis is as follows:

Paying tribute to their service, War Dog recognizes the invaluable impact of these K9s on their human counterparts. With unprecedented access, the film brings these extraordinary stories to life, featuring exclusive military footage, personal photos, on-the-ground combat and drone video surveillance footage, footage of war dogs training and in action, and revealing interviews with the handlers, who open up about the physical and emotional struggles they’ve faced.

Crying face emoji times a million, you guys.

Clip via HBO

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