Disney is developing a Turner & Hooch TV series 2 months ago

Disney is developing a Turner & Hooch TV series

Dog lovers, assemble...

Dog-assisted Tom Hanks smash Turner & Hooch is set for new life in the form of a Disney+ series.

In what is clearly the most aggressive shot fired in the modern-day streaming war to date, Disney is moving forward with a TV reboot of the 1989 film that saw Hanks team up with an adorable French mastiff to fight crime.

Turner & Hooch proved a big success back in the day, grossing $71.1 million worldwide based off a $13 million budget.

A pilot for a TV show followed in 1990 - including the same dog reprising its role as Hooch - but wasn't picked up for a full series.

As for the forthcoming rebirth, Matt Nix, creator of the likes of Burn Notice and The Gifted, has signed on the dotted line to write and oversee the project.

Deadline notes that it is unclear just how faithful T&H 2.0 will be to the original - you can't imagine Hanks is coming back, for one - so it's a case of wait and see for now.

There's no announced release date either, but Disney+ should be available for Irish viewers by the time it arrives, with the platform set for launch over here at the end of March.

Which is great, as you can finally discover what all that Baby Yoda fuss is about because you definitely haven't been illegally streaming The Mandalorian so far, right?