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This tweet from Catastrophe's Rob Delaney should be used to test people for stupidity
What does he MEAN???

If you took this tweet at face value, we're very, very worried about you.

Rob Delaney, star of the brilliant Catastrophe and one of the funniest people on Twitter, has expressed his dismay at the number of people who have taken a tweet he wrote recently about Donald Trump seriously.

Delaney, you see, recently explained why he was sorry he had voted for the Tango-coloured morality vacuum that is the current *spits* President *cusses* of the *really?* United States.

This got over 100,000 likes...

...and we're genuinely worried about the number of people who took him seriously.

As is he.

When you read some of the responses to Delaney's original tweet, you get to realise that there two kinds of people in life; those that get it, and those for whom irony and sarcasm are strange, foreign concepts.



...and the one that makes our head hurt the most...

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