VIDEO: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson try out some new Irish poses for Zoolander 2 6 years ago

VIDEO: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson try out some new Irish poses for Zoolander 2

They're so hot right now...

It's here. Zoolander 2 is finally here.


After 15 years of waiting, the sequel to the much-loved, 2001 cult comedy classic, Zoolander, is about to be released in Irish cinemas.

As you can probably tell, we're pretty happy about the whole thing.

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When the worlds's most beautiful people (and no, JOE's not included in that group) suddenly start to turn up dead with former male model Derek Zoolander's iconic 'Blue Steel' pose on their face, Interpol recruit Derek and his old foe-turned-friend, Hansel McDonald, to infiltrate the world of High Fashion in order to get to the bottom of the whole thing.


Ben Stiller is back as both director and star of the show, while familiar fashion faces, Owen Wilson and friend of JOE, Will Ferrell, return as the handsome Hansel and the evil Jacobim Mugatu.

Joining them this time around are Penélope Cruz as the head of Fashion Police at Interpol, Melanie Valentina, and Kristen Wiig as the dastardly designer, Alexanya Atoz.

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We caught up with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to chat about just why it took so long to get a sequel made, their favourite film they've ever made together and the pair even try out some very special Irish Zoolander poses.


And the best thing? They're still really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.


And here's the funny, fashionable trailer to get you in the mood...


Clip via Paramount Pictures

Zoolander 2 struts its way into Irish cinemas on Friday 12 February.