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12th Sep 2014

Video: Check out this brilliant 8-minute supercut of all the Godzilla scenes that actually feature Godzilla

Got a fetish for massive monster mayhem? Then this is the perfect video for you...

Eoghan Doherty

Got a fetish for massive monster mayhem? Then this is the perfect video for you…

Some film fans say that Judi Dench’s Oscar-winning, eight minute performance in Shakespeare In Love was one of the greatest brief movie appearances of all time, while others would opt for Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins’ turn as the terrifying Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs; 16 minutes of screentime, a lifetime of nightmares. Thanks Tony.

Similarly, although he was the title star of one of 2014’s most enjoyable Summer blockbusters, Godzilla the giant monster actually didn’t appear on screen that much at all, with director Gareth Evans teasing us with glimpses throughout the film. (Speaking of teasing, make sure you read JOE’s official review of the film by clicking on our little teaser link here).

Thankfully, YouTuber John Nemesis has helpfully compiled all of Godzilla’s awesome appearances into one very handy eight minute video, so you can now sit back and get your ferocious beast-from-the-deep fix on, all without being interrupted by Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s sh*t acting.

Unlike Dench and Hopkins though, this titular titan didn’t so much tread the boards as completely stomp all over them…

For us here at JOE it’s all about the great Godzilla, but the excellent editor has also gone to the trouble of compiling all of the Muto magic movie moments into one video too…

Clips via John Nemesis.

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