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Never change Ricky, never change.

Somewhere right now, I imagine Ricky Gervais has a huge smile on his face because who wouldn't love his job hosting the Golden Globes? While MCing a big event like that is always difficulty, especially with the eyes of the world watching, Gervais seems to revel in the fact that he can mercilessly take the piss out of anyone in the room.

Once again the comedian was on brilliant form at the Golden Globes because nothing was deemed to be too sensitive or inappropriate, perfect for anyone watching then!

Take a look at some of his best moments starting with an opening monologue that burned Bruce Jenner, female remakes and Roman Polanski. Oh yeah, he also tells all the winners that they can literally shove their Golden Globe up their arses.

His opening monologue.

Clip via -Travers Wilkins

Burning Mel Gibson.

He must have been waiting for this moment!


Taking the piss out of Ben Affleck.

Yep, he went there.

WAIT, stay a minute...

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