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18th Oct 2014

Video: The Quicksilver sequence from X-Men: Days of Future Past gets the VFX treatment

This was definitely our favourite scene in any of the summer blockbusters...

Paul Moore

This was definitely our favourite scene in any of the summer blockbusters…

JOE always wondered what our superpowers would be if we eventually mutated like one of the X-Men characters.

Some of us would like to be telepathic like Professor X, others want the ability to manipulate metal like Magneto while one of the lads wants to grow mutton chops a la Wolverine. Indeed.

We loved X-Men: Days of Future Past but there was one specific scene that stayed in our memories longer than the rest.

It seems that there is rampant discrimination against villainous Kerrymen in the X-verse because you may remember that Michael Fassbender’s Magneto was imprisoned below the Pentagon at the start of the film.

With the help of Quicksilver’s amazing array of skills both Magneto and Profesor X manage to escape.

Take a look at the VFX breakdown of one of the best action sequences that we’ve seen in along time.

Clip via – CBMTrailers

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