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05th Jun 2014

Video: This brilliant Fight Club prank will scare the bejaysus out of you

The first rule of Fight Club is... actually, we're not really allowed to talk about it. Sorry.


The first rule of Fight Club is… actually, we’re not really allowed to talk about it. Sorry.

Fair play to the folks at Jameson who came up with this Fight Club-themed prank which is, depending on how you look at it, either fantastically funny… or fantastically frightening.

The basic premise of the prank was, ahead of one of the legendary Jameson Cult Film Club screenings (of Fight Club, coincidentally enough), film fans simply had to invite some of their soon-to-be-petrified pals out for a Jameson.

Harmless enough, right?

Right. Sorry, no. We meant “wrong.” Wrong. That’s better.

Anyway, watch as the magnificent madness unfolds in the class clip below. I am JOE’s cold sweat…

Video via Jameson Irish Whiskey YouTube channel and for more info on the Jameson Cult Film Club you can click here.

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