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11th Aug 2014

Video: Who wants to see Hollywood’s biggest stars look really nervous during their early auditions?

De Niro, DiCaprio, Pitt and loads more...

Paul Moore

De Niro, DiCaprio, Pitt and loads more…

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that actors are just normal people. To be honest, they probably live the exact same life as JOE because we obviously also have legions of adoring fans, millions in the bank and a natural talent to entertain.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad anyway.

The video below, which shows some of Hollywood’s most famous actors during their auditions, is absolutely fantastic. Fancy seeing Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Aaron Paul, Megan Fox, Natalie Portman , Scarlett Johansson and loads more stars before they were super duper ridiculously famous?

Of course you do. Keep a special eye out for how incredible Henry Thomas as Elliot from E.T is. It’s far too early for JOE to start crying at our desk…

We just need to take a moment and get ourselves together is all.

Clip via – PrankMedia

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