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23rd Oct 2014

Video: X:Men : Days of Future Past gets the hilarious honest trailer treatment

James Cameron might be looking for a royalty check after seeing this...

Paul Moore

James Cameron might be looking for a royalty check after seeing this…

We’ve never hidden our love for Bryan Singer’s X-Men films, just don’t mention the awful X-Men: The Last Stand or X-Men Origins: Wolverine to us, so that’s why we were delighted to discover that the latest film was one of the best.

Not only did X-Men: Days of Future Past feature one of the best action sequences of the year but it also had Michael Fassbender kicking-ass and Jennifer Lawrence being all Jennifer Lawrencey, we like her.

On a serious note, the film brilliantly tied together Matthew Vaughan’s prequel X-Men : First Class with the earlier Ian McKellen / Patrick Stewart entries but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a few issues.

The good people at Screen Junkies have pointed them out and they’re all here for your enjoyment. Nothing that a bit of time travel can’t fix.

Even after seeing this clip our our excitement for X- Men : Apocalypse especially since Tom Hardy is rumoured to be playing the big baddie himself.

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