Viewers in shock after 'psychopath test' on Tommy Tiernan show 1 year ago

Viewers in shock after 'psychopath test' on Tommy Tiernan show

Tommy had a fascinating in-depth chat with psychologist Kevin Dutton.

The Tommy Tiernan Show viewers had a lot to say after Saturday night's episode, which saw the host complete a psychopath test.


The comedian was joined by psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton, who chatted about his experience with two psychopaths who had committed serious crimes.

He also flipped things around and asked Tommy some questions for a change to see if he was classed as a psychopath.

Tommy ended up scoring 17 on the test, making him below average on the scale - meaning he was far from being classed as a psychopath.


But his response to one question in particular had viewers a little worried.

The host was asked to either agree or disagree with the following statement: “Seeing an animal injured or in pain doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

There was a long pause as he took his time to answer that he would disagree.


The pair also delved into the concept of evil and whether or not it really exists, with Dr. Dutton offering a fascinating insight.

"As a scientist, Tommy, evil is a word which is very loaded for me because I look at the brain and how the brain works and I can see various brain patterns and underlying behaviours," he said.

"It's strange, there are a number of people who I've met, who have been very bad psychopaths, who I've sat in the presence of, I can't tell you who they are, who I have, there's only two who I would use the word evil to describe them, for want of any better word…


"They both committed terrible crimes, and when I've gone into the room in their presence, you feel a powerful chill in you.

"I'm at a loss to explain what that is.

"Evil is a word which I use lightly, but I have used it on a couple of occasions to describe people who are, they just go beyond the patterns and just make me feel a different way."