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31st Jul 2017

The top choice to replace Vincent Browne will definitely not be getting the job now

One rumoured presenter down, another few to go.


Vincent Browne

It’s a flat no.

As we turn on our television tonight and go to switch the channel to TV3 just after 11pm, a small tear will roll down the cheek as we realise that Vincent Browne will not be in his usual time slot (there’ll be a Best Of programme on 31 July but it still doesn’t take the pain away).

The TV3 presenter has left the show and the station for that matter after spending ten years in the hot seat of its Tonight show.

Browne’s chair wasn’t even cold when rumours started flooding our screens as to who would take over the coveted seat on the Irish channel.

On Saturday, there was talk about a certain RTÉ star taking over from Browne and becoming the new host of the political and current affairs show.

TV3 was apparently trying to get Brendan O’Connor to move from RTÉ for the role and alongside that, wanted to turn it into a chat show.

The Cutting Edge host is due to continue his show come Autumn but was thrown into the hat as the main contender for the new job alongside Ivan Yeats and various Radio One presenters.

However, O’Connor will not be moving sides.

According to The Irish Sun, an RTÉ spokesperson told the paper that: “I can confirm that Brendan O’Connor will be back in the autumn on RTE One on The Cutting Edge.”

Well, that’s us told. One rumoured presenter down, another few to go.

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