Vine: Countdown contestant uses ‘minges’ as her answer 8 years ago

Vine: Countdown contestant uses ‘minges’ as her answer

An English teacher who recently appeared on the popular afternoon TV show, Countdown, shocked Channel 4 audiences when she used the word ‘minges’…

In Elli Hanmer’s defence, ‘minges’ actually is in the dictionary, but sadly, it wasn’t enough to beat her opponent’s 8-letter word, ‘smidgeon’, so it didn’t go up on the board. Thankfully, the Vine user Dylan Price managed to catch Elli in action and his laugh at the end is, well, priceless.


According to the New Oxford Dictionary of English, the word "minge" is down as: "A woman's pubic hair or genitals”, just in case you weren’t too sure yourself.

It’s not the first time 'minges' has appeared on Countdown either. Back in 2007 a contestant tried using the word, but it was beaten by ‘impugns’.