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24th Oct 2013

Vine: Here’s the shortest teaser ever for X-Men: Days of Future featuring Jennifer Lawrence

That's right, it's the lovely Jennifer Lawrence in blue body paint...for about one third of a second


That’s right, it’s the lovely Jennifer Lawrence in blue body paint…for about one third of a second

It seems that every movie these days has a teaser, and a trailer, and trailer for the teaser for the trailer. By the time we get to the movie we’ve seen almost all of it, or at least the best bits, shrunk down into a series of thirty second clips.

That’s not the case here though, because this teaser is, pretty interestingly, done on Vine, so it really does tease us with a series of short and quick looks at the movie. Still, we get to see Jennifer Lawrence in body paint. Win.

The Vine is to publicise the arrival of the first proper trailer on October 29th, which will give us (we hope) a slightly longer look at the movie. The cast of the original trilogy will join up with some of the stars of First Class, including Ellen Page and Michael Fassbender as well as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. We’ll have to wait a good bit for the movie itself though, as it’s not due out until May 2014.

Hat-tip to Digital Spy for the Vine and pic.

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