'I wanted more goof': Ryan Tubridy on the inspiration behind this year's Late Late Toy Show theme 1 year ago

'I wanted more goof': Ryan Tubridy on the inspiration behind this year's Late Late Toy Show theme

There's not long left to go now.

And ahead of tonight's Frozen-themed Late Late Toy Show, Ryan Tubridy has revealed the inspiration behind the theme.


The TV presenter is going to be dressed as Olaf, the beloved snowman from the two animated films, when the show kicks off tonight.

And he revealed the choice of theme was down to, at least in part, wanting the opposite of last year's Greatest Showman Toy Show.

"I think that what I wanted to do, was I wanted to go Christmassy again," he told Her.ie, discussing tonight's theme. "I think The Greatest Showman was great, but it was a circus. I wanted the opposite of that. I wanted more goof, I wanted to up the goof quotient.

"The set is a thing of beauty, it's like a fairytale wonderland. It's glacial, it's wintry, it's dreamy, it's icy - and it's Christmassy and tinsel-y, I'm so excited."

Ryan joked that the fact that he was going to be playing Olaf was a "more recent dream come true."

"They had a choice between making me a handsome, debonair prince or a squat, goofy snowman," he said with a laugh. "I'm going to be Olaf, which is a more recent dream come true, because he's a goofy snowman who can barely carry a tune. So, I'm in."


As for what songs from the films would be featured in the Christmas bonanza, he did promise that it wouldn't be limited to certain, can't-get-out-of-your-head songs.

"It's a big, super song," he said. "It's not going to just be Let It Go, there's going to be a mix of everything."

The TV presenter revealed the message he was hoping the Toy Show would send tonight, and how it was tied up with the sense of nostalgia of watching the show with our nearest and dearest.

"I love, from Frozen and Frozen II, this idea of the two sisters singing and minding each other and all that kind of thing, I wanted the message to be about families, regardless of what kind of family it is or where they're from," he said. "So many people have memories about watching the Toy Show with their mum, their dad or both - it's just tied up in that. I love that sense of nostalgia."