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09th Apr 2017

WATCH: Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump, but his Bill O’Reilly impression is even better

Rory Cashin

Alec Baldwin has had quite the weekend.

His new movie Boss Baby is currently making a tonne of money at the box office, plus apparently he really, REALLY dislikes Harrison Ford, according to his new autobiography.

Well, after a bit of a break, Saturday Night Live has returned, and of course they brought Baldwin back in, but upped the ante even more than usual.

Instead of just having him play (to perfection) the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, they had him double down and portray the Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly who was recently part of a massive $13 million out-of-court settlement regarding sexual harassment lawsuits brought against him.

And, of course, Baldwin had a field day with this.

Of course he couldn’t leave it with just the one Trump appearance, not with the weeks of material that the President has given the comedy sketch show while they were on their mini-hiatus.

So Baldwin shows up again as Trump, and talks directly to those in America who helped put him in the White House in the first place.

All clips via Saturday Night Live

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