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You can almost tell that, week in week out, the folks on reality-fuelled funny on the likes of Saturday Night Live and Last Week Tonight are hoping that Trump will go one week without doing or saying something... unwise.

It would then mean that they could possibly go one week without having to mention him, and focus their humour on something else that is going on in the world.

Unfortunately, that is simply not the reality that we live in, and this week John Oliver has got Trump's new Federal Budget in his sights.

While that may not immediately effect us here (or maybe it will), but it is very clearly going to have a huge impact on anyone you know living in America.

Plus, with the absolutely massive increase in spending in military, it will eventually have some international repercussions, too.

Looking at the short list of what Trump has decided to increase spending in, and the very, VERY long list of what he has cut spending in, it becomes clear that Oliver has described it perfectly: the closing credits of America.

Clip via Last Week Tonight


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