WATCH: Margot Robbie's three funniest sketches on SNL 4 years ago

WATCH: Margot Robbie's three funniest sketches on SNL

She's class.

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 42nd season and they had one of the biggest stars on the planet hosting it.


Margot Robbie had an extremely busy year with roles in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad - she was easily the best thing in that film and secured her own Harley Quinn spin-off - but aside from her work on-screen, the Aussie actress is one of the most charming and  relaxed people when dealing with the press.

Whether she's reading mean tweets, joking with Will Smith or proclaiming her love for the Irish accent, Robbie has seen her star rise in what has been an extremely busy 12 months.

One of the most prestigious invites for a performer to receive is the chance to host SNL and here are three of Robbie's best skits.

The Librarian

If you're a fan of Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller's Day Off or any hormonal '80s comedy then this is for you.

Live Report

The premise is simple, "man marries a woman way out of his league, and no one can believe it". What's impressive though is that the skit doesn't just rely on this single gag and takes a few bizarre turns.


Actress Round Table

Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon absolutely steals this one as she constantly cracks-up her co-star.