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15th Oct 2017

WATCH: The Trump Administration mashed with IT is both hilarious and terrifying

Saturday Night Live really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Rory Cashin

Just when you thought the President’s administration couldn’t get any scarier…

Saturday Night Live have a history of skewering the President and his staff for almost as long as the show has been on air, but in the case, they both hit a home-run (with Alec Baldwin’s award-winning performance) and a bit of a dry-patch (because Trump’s actions stopped being funny, and now it is just depressing to watch).

So how do you make fun of the administration without including Trump directly? You just re-aim slightly.

Which is how we end up with this inspired taken on Pennywise The Clown, here renamed Kellywise, after Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to President Trump and generally perceived as having a … how do we put this gently? … slightly skewed view of reality.

Kate McKinnon is clearly having a blast playing her (and also-ran Hillary Clinton) through the warped mirror of IT, and this reminds us, we should be seeing a Scary Movie-esque parody movie of IT any day now, right?

Meanwhile, poor CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper (“Hey Coopy!”) never really stood a chance, especially once he has been shown his worst fears….. a second term for Trump.

Truly terrifying.

Also, will someone just give McKinnon her own movie already? She is a comedic treasure!

Clip via Saturday Night Live

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