6 huge unanswered questions from The White Lotus Season 2 3 months ago

6 huge unanswered questions from The White Lotus Season 2

The White Lotus Season 2 has come to an explosive ending... but we've still got questions.

If you haven't finished The White Lotus Season 2, then let this be a HUGE warning to you, as we are going to be breaking down the finale and possible future ramifications to this season – spoiler alert!


After kicking off The White Lotus Season 2 with a floating corpse and reports of several other dead bodies in the area, we got answers to the biggest questions, but there are still some plot threads left dangling in the Sicilian wind...

ONE. Were Quentin (and the rest of the gays) really in cahoots with Greg?

Okay, time to do a little round-up of the facts here. Tanya and Greg arrived in Sicily together. Greg had to suddenly leave on business for a few days, but right before he left, Tanya heard Greg on the phone to ... someone ... and he was talking almost exclusively in shady sentences.

Within what felt like minutes of Greg's departure, Tanya got swept up by Quentin and his gang of fabulously opulent gays, who yachted her away to their gorgeous palazzo, took her to the opera, and supplied her with a night full of cocaine and well-hung Italian gigolos.


Tanya also discovers an old photo of what looks like a young Quentin and a young Greg, in full cowboy garb. And Quentin had previously described falling madly in love with a heterosexual man that he would still do absolutely anything for to this day.

Meanwhile, her assistant Portia was been whisked away to a nearby town by Jack, who claimed to be Quentin's nephew, even though Tanya walked in on Jack and Quentin having sex.

Eventually, on the yacht back to the hotel, Tanya discovers a rucksack full of rope and duct tape and just all-round questionable items, so she grabs a gun and shoots pretty much everybody on board. And then, in one final masterclass in physical comedy, Tanya falls off the yacht and slams her head into the dingy below.

Probable Answer: Everything points towards Greg being out of the country as an alibi, as Quentin and the gays do away with Tanya, and they all split her massive fortune. Although it would be a beautiful bit of White Lotus-esque irony if it did all turn out to be a massive misunderstanding.


TWO. Did Ethan and Daphne hook up on that small island?

Harper didn't fully believe Ethan's story about his innocence during Cameron's night of extramarital excess, so she got back at him by getting closer to Cameron. When Ethan is finally at breaking point, she tells him that, yes, she did kiss Cameron, but that was it. Ironically, he doesn't believe that this is all they did, and is now plagued with visions of his wife and his best friend in the heat of passion.

Confessing his fears to Daphne, she gives him the same advice she gave Harper – find a way to compartmentalise and deal with it. She then invites him to that small island near the beach... and we don't see what happens next.


A few hours later, what we do see is Ethan and Harper having sex for the first time on the trip, and at the airport heading home, they seem more loved-up than ever.

Probable Answer: 99.99999999999% yes, they totally boned. And in the process, Ethan and Harper became a copy of Cameron and Daphne, the worst thing imaginable to them at the start of the holiday.

THREE. How much trouble is Portia in?

On the one hand, uncle-fucker Jack did provide Portia with an alibi for Tanya's demise. Unless it was originally in the cards for him to also kill Portia, which seems unlikely. Employer and employee both die on the same day in completely unrelated ways? Nah.

On the other hand, her not even returning to the hotel to collect her things would seem very sketchy to any investigating police. Plus, she's the only one who knows about Greg's probable plan to kill Tanya, although Greg himself doesn't know that.


Probable Answer: How much trouble Portia is in will depend entirely on how much trouble Portia goes looking for. She could probably enjoy a nice quiet life with Albie and his overly-horny family, or she could seek revenge for Tanya.

FOUR. Does Cameron know those kids aren't his?

That aggressive oral hygiene at the start of the finale shows that Cameron would rather do irreparable damage to his gums than speak to his son. If it is indeed his son.

Earlier in the season, Daphne is offering to show pictures of her blonde-haired, blue-eyed personal trainer to Harper, but "accidentally" shows pics of her kids instead... who happen to be blonde-haired and blue-eyed, nothing like Daphne's husband Cameron.

As part of her way of dealing with Cameron's apparently constant indiscretions, has Daphne gone so far as to lie about their kids?

Probable Answer: He has his suspicions, but he'll never, EVER look for confirmation.

FIVE. Were there clues to the next White Lotus location?

Season one was set in Hawaii. Season two was set in Sicily. Part of the appeal of this show is that the lush, ultra-high-end resorts are only affordable to the most wealthy, so we sit back and watch the richest people give into their worst behaviours. So where to go for season three?

During an interview about the season two finale (see above), show creator Mike White hinted towards an Asian setting for the next season, focusing on the relationship between death and Eastern religions.

Probable Answer: It would be great to switch up the vibe, maybe take us to a gorgeous snowy locale. However, one of Daphne's lines in the final episode - "Next year, The Maldives!" - would track for both the Asia setting and it being literally one of the most beautiful places in the world.

SIX. Who will return for Season 3?

There is every chance that nobody from this season will return, as Jennifer Coolidge is a unique element of this world and should be treasured as such.

However, in the same interview above, Mike White said the following: "It’s possible that Portia [Haley Lu Richardson] is scared enough to just leave it alone, but the fact that all of those guys die on the boat, it feels like there’s gotta be somebody who’s gonna track it down to Greg. But maybe you’ll have to wait to find out what happens."

Probable Answer: As he's been in both Hawaii and Sicily with Tanya, Greg is now also a valued member of the White Lotus customer family, so it stands to reason he'd continue that relationship. Plus, we really, REALLY want to see Greg get his comeuppance.

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