Why you should be watching... Hamilton 1 month ago

Why you should be watching... Hamilton

The greatest musical of all time has just been released on Disney+.

Title: Hamilton

Where can you watch it? Disney+

Number of seasons: One film adaptation of a stage musical

IMDB rating: 9.3/10

Why you should be watching: Quite simply put, Hamilton is one of the best musicals ever .

And although that really should be enough to convince you to watch it, we understand that you may not have any interest in musicals. Just not your thing.

Well, in this case, that really doesn't matter. Hamilton isn't like other musicals, and it is consumed much more like a magnificent rap album.

The story is an absolutely excellent one, told through hip-hop style music, delivered by an outrageously talented cast.

Hamilton tells the story of the birth of America, through the eyes of the founding fathers, specifically Alexander Hamilton.

Except all of the founding fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson etc.) are played by handsome, young, people of colour, which acts as a refreshing break compared to the majority of other historical musicals.

The first act will have you on the edge of your seat, dancing in your living room, while the second will probably leave you in a puddle of your own tears.

And that's what a good musical is supposed to do, right?

Some of the songs sound like they could be #1 pop songs, and the writing is up there with the most intelligent song lyrics in recent memory.

Clip via Leslie Odom Jr.

There is inspiration to be found in every one of the musical numbers, be it from a writing standpoint, a historical perspective, or a performance point of view.

Filled with clever lyrical and musical motifs, not only will you be obsessed after your first watch, you will need to go back and watch it again to truly appreciate just how magical it all is.

The biggest issue that Hamilton's doubters have with it is its historical accuracy (because no, the founding fathers were not the soundest bunch of lads), and that can be a little bit jarring when you consider the fact that these men who were slave owners are being played by people of colour, but no character is depicted as perfect either.

The question that Hamilton asks is one of legacy - what will you leave behind?

And just years after its release, Hamilton has already written itself in the history books for all the right reasons.