With Sony's powers combined, they've created... a Captain Planet movie!? 9 years ago

With Sony's powers combined, they've created... a Captain Planet movie!?

Have all our dreams come true? Is Hollywood going to give us the Captain Planet film we’ve all (not really) been waiting for, or are the studio fat cats going to sh*t all over one of our most beloved cartoon idols?

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Sony Pictures have supposedly turned to Captain Planet and the Planeteers as the source of inspiration for their next big budget live-action film project. Makes sense really – the individual characters tailor to a massively multicultural, international audience and sure everyone really loves trees and shit these days.


Captain Planet and the Planeteers was the story of five young environmentalists who, when their powers combined, were able to summon the flamboyantly-attired and interestingly-bequiffed Captain Planet to battle the world’s worst eco-villains.

You remember it, right? It was the one you watched at half six on a Saturday morning – just before you tuned in for Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds and the one that came right after you beat the living shi*ebuckets out of your younger brother while your parents were still in bed.

Here at JOE we’re rooting for the perfect casting of a power-hungry Don Cheadle as the titular Captain. He’s already done his audition for Funny or Die so it should really be a sure thing...

Of course, no Captain Planet article would be complete without the inclusion of any of the three following clips; the show’s opening credits, the hugely memorable theme tune and the massively politically incorrect Irish episode set in Belfast with its “Fenian Prods.” Huh!?


Captain Planet Opening Credits


Captain Planet Theme Tune


Captain Planet saves Belfast from a nuke. Ha!