Emotional night for old-school legend Edge at the WWE Royal Rumble 1 year ago

Emotional night for old-school legend Edge at the WWE Royal Rumble

You really cannot beat the chaos of a Royal Rumble.

While Wrestlemania remains the WWE's flagship event, the Royal Rumble will always be the casual fan's favourite, largely due to the madness of it all.


And while there are still no fans in the arenas thanks to Covid-19, the WWE still put on a hell of a show, all things considered.

Before we proceed, we will be discussing some of the winners from now on, so get out of here now if you don't want to see spoilers.

Got it?



While the WWE continues to try and create and push new talent, sometimes it is the old-school legends who are needed to really get the job done.

And in the early hours of Monday morning, it was a legendary fan favourite who stole the show last night.

Edge, yes that Edge, took home the gold after winning the Royal Rumble.

Many people will remember Edge's heartbreaking retirement in 2011, due to a recurring neck injury.


But 10 years on, the 47-year-old came back and won the coveted match, with a little help from his buddy Christian.

That'll bring a tear to any WWE fan's eye...


Some highlights from the night's action can be seen here, including an interview with Edge after his big win.

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