You won’t believe which character was killed off in Family Guy last night 7 years ago

You won’t believe which character was killed off in Family Guy last night

This is the last thing we need after the gutting New Zealand defeat. Oh yeah, this story contains loads of SPOILERS.

Like us, we expect you woke up this morning slightly hungover and still horribly, horribly disappointed at what happened at Aviva Stadium yesterday. Seriously, it will take us a long time to get over that defeat to New Zealand.


So, we turned to the internet for comfort this morning and we get greeted with the news that one of our favourite Family Guy characters was killed off in last night’s brand new episode in the US.

We knew that a major character was to be killed off, with Meg the favourite for the chop but incredibly, Brian, the Griffin’s dog, the voice of reason in the show and Stewie’s sparring partner for 11 years died in last night’s episode called Life of Brian.

In a very dog way, he was hit with a car and died and just in case you were thinking Stewie could fire up the time machine and save him, that was disabled earlier in the episode meaning he can’t go back and rescue his faithful pal either.

The episode also includes the arrival of a new family pet, a dog called Vinny, voiced by The Soprano’s Tony Sirico.

So far, the reaction on Twitter has not been good, with the hashtag #BringBackBrian doing the rounds. The joy of cartoons is that anything can happen so we wouldn’t rule out a U-turn by Seth McFarlane at some stage, especially if the backlash continues.

God we hate Mondays...