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EXCLUSIVE: The Young Offenders want to play the O'Donovan brothers in the film of their lives
Yep, we are ALL about this idea.

Oh hells yes, we are ALL about this idea.

It was only just a few days ago when James McAvoy announced that he wanted to re-team with his fellow X-Men co-star Michael Fassbender to bring the story of the Irish rowing champions Gary and Paul O'Donovan to the big screen:

"We’ve been looking to do something else together that has heart, has action, has suspense, has comedy. Has Olympic medals. It’s a no-brainer."

"I was just mesmerised by the O’Donovans. They sat on that couch and commanded focus. They were the funniest, coolest guys and just by being themselves, they sort of won over the world. And even though yes, they are much younger than us, that’s what make-up and CGI magic is for."

However, we really feel we've happened across an even better alternative.

This week, the stars of the hit irish comedy The Young Offenders, Alex Murphy and Chris Walley, were on the couch for The JOE Show, when the topic of came up (around the 14.25 mark in the video below).

Chris said: "This is what we were talking about yesterday! We were literally - it was his sister who said it - yeah, that James McAvoy wants to play one of them, and we said 'No, they can't play play them!'"

"I love James McAvoy, I think he's one of my favourite actors, I think he's amazing, but he's too old. They need to get two young lads from Cork who can play them..."


Chris continued: "I'm gunning for it now! If that's happening, then we're the fellas for it."

When it was pointed out that the duo already had the physical requirements to play each of the brothers, they absolutely agreed.

Alex agreed: "Yeah, he's Gary and I'm... the other one."

Now, while the lads are quite busy at the moment working on the TV series of The Young Offenders, which we're all DYING to see, we're sure you'll agree with us that they should definitely make room in their upcoming schedule for the movie version of the O'Donovan's lives.

And if they don't name the movie Pull Like A Dog, then they've missed a trick there.

While you're here...


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