Younger film fans are only watching Se7en now and the ending is blowing their minds 4 years ago

Younger film fans are only watching Se7en now and the ending is blowing their minds

What's in the box?

Christ, could you imagine what it would be like if Twitter was around in 1995 when David Fincher released his iconic horror/thriller, Se7en?


During the film, Mills asks Somerset: “Honestly, have you ever seen anything like this?" and 23 years since they chased down the sadistic John Doe, we can honestly say that the answer is no.

As stated previously, Se7en is an absolute masterpiece that inspired countless other films and reignited the thriller/detective genre.

Think about it. Since we were first introduced to the horrific crime scene of the gluttony murder, the likes of Kiss The Girls, Frailty, The Bone Collector, From Hell, Fallen, 8MM and End of Days have all stolen something from Fincher's classic.

Christ, they're only films that were released in the late '90s and early noughties!


Spoiler alert, but one of the main reasons why Se7en is so memorable is the fact that the bad guy wins - a point that's emphasised by Kevin Spacey's fall from grace.

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In terms of the film, the fact that Mills gives into his own rage and becomes wrath is a total mind fuck that is still incredibly powerful.


Did you know that at the time of its release, the studio executives were originally against this superb ending?

In fact, they hated the ending so much that they insisted on it being changed. Ultimately, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman refused to promote the film if the gloomy downer was changed. Thank Christ that both men had the courage of their convictions.

Now that the film has been added to Netflix, it appears that younger film fans are finally getting a chance to watch the iconic thriller and as for that ending, well, it has made an impression.