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WATCH: Mayo brothers behind the best 2016 All-Ireland final song return with another rap classic
"And if you don't know, now you know, Mayo."

“In the semi-final we ended Kerry’s dream, sent them back to Fungi, oh man, what a scene.”

Before last year’s All-Ireland Final, we remarked that there appeared to be a shortage of All-Ireland Final songs from Mayo, where diehard fans of the county team have never been shy of penning an ode to the men in Green and Red.

Judging by social media in the run-up to this year’s meeting against last year’s conquerors Dublin, that anomaly has been addressed in 2017 and while we can’t give a shout out to them all, we felt that one of the more innovative numbers was worthy of exposure to a wider audience.

Following on from the 2016 smash hit, ‘In the name of Mayo’, brothers Michael and Mark Duffy are back with ‘Green and Ready’, set to the tune of Notorious BIG’s ‘Juicy’, with this song emphatically dispelling any fears that ‘second season syndrome’ might have been a factor this time around.

Granted, it’s not your usual All-Ireland final number and it’ll take a few listens to be able to master the lyrics and sing along; Michael, Mark and everyone in Mayo will hope that it inspires a different outcome than last year in the decider come Sunday evening.

Clip via Michael Duffy


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