WATCH: Ardal O'Hanlon discusses leaving Ireland vs Holland to sing 'My Lovely Horse' at Slane 2 years ago

WATCH: Ardal O'Hanlon discusses leaving Ireland vs Holland to sing 'My Lovely Horse' at Slane

Talk about a day to remember.

Following the success of Father Ted, Ardal O'Hanlon had quite a few surreal experiences throughout his life, but it's hard to imagine that any could top this.


Way back in 1996, Ireland were playing Holland in a World Cup play-off match, and O'Hanlon was one of thousands who was in attendance.

But he was the only person at Landsdowne Road that night who was airlifted via helicopter to sing 'My Lovely Horse' alongside Moby on stage once the final whistle went.

Speaking about this incredible incident, O'Hanlon told Dion Fanning on Ireland Unfiltered that he was unsure about whether or not he even wanted to go, as he was equally as excited to have a pint with his mates after the game.

But he did go, and he certainly doesn't regret it.


Talking about the situation, he said: "So they said 'Oh well look, we can get you down there in a helicopter after the match and you'll still be on time for the show.'

"So I was glad I went but it was absolutely nerve wracking. I was so terrified. I just never understood that whole rock/monster thing. But when you're in front of that amount of people, people talk about the energy coming off stage and you feed off the energy and everything else.

"I didn't know that that was a physical thing. It is like a tsunami hitting you in the face. It's physical. And I went momentarily blind and deaf when I was up there so I don't actually have a clear memory of being on stage with Moby. 

He added: "And of course me being me was thinking 'Ah they're going to hate me, they're here to see Moby and U2 later on and they don't want to see me and I'm going to fecking ruin it for everyone and they won't know Father Ted, like some of them will but most of them won't. They're not here -'


"They all knew the words. It was incredible. And the roar when you go on stage and that roar is what I'm talking about. It was like it hit me."

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