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01st Jun 2024

Investigation underway into Eurovision behind-the-scenes chaos, says Bambie Thug

Stephen Porzio

‘All of that is being investigated at the moment.’

Ireland’s Eurovision contestant for this year Bambie Thug has said that an investigation is underway into circumstances that led them to miss a dress rehearsal on the same day as the contest grand final.

At the time of the incident, the singer posted on their Instagram page: “There was a situation while we were waiting to go to stage for the flag parade rehearsal which I felt needed urgent attention from the EBU [The European Broadcasting Union].

“The EBU have taken this matter seriously and we have been in a discussion about what action needs to be taken. This means I have missed my dress rehearsal.

“I am really sorry to the fans that have come to see me. I hope to see you on the stage tonight.”

Bambie Thug did wind up performing their song ‘Doomsday Blue’ at the final in Malmo in Sweden and received a huge reaction from voters across the continent – finishing in 6th place, Ireland’s best-placed finish in 25 years.

Appearing on Ireland AM this week, the Cork singer was questioned about the dress rehearsal incident, with Alan Hughes asking them: “On the Saturday, there was talk and fear that you mightn’t even appear on the Saturday night because you didn’t take part in the dress rehearsal. Can you tell us about that?”

In response, Bambie Thug said: “So all of that is being investigated at the moment so I can’t really say more on that now.

“But when I can share more, I definitely will because we are chasing the EBU.”

Interviewed by the media immediately after the grand final, Bambie Thug claimed that commentary made on Israeli television breached the rules of the Eurovision and that their team made several complaints to the EBU.

“Now that I’m free I can talk about everything,” they told the media.

“KAN, the [Israeli] broadcaster, incited violence against me twice, three times.

“We brought it up to the EBU, they said they’d follow up. They waited until the last minute, we still haven’t got a statement back.

“[The EBU] allowed us to be scapegoats, allowed us to be the spokesperson for standing up for ourselves.

“That broadcaster has disobeyed the rules and I hope next year they won’t be allowed to compete because of that.”

In the run-up to the contest, the Cork singer faced backlash to their decision to perform in the Swedish city, despite calls for them to boycott – in solidarity with Palestine – over Israel’s inclusion in the competition.

Bambie Thug was asked by Ireland AM about the controversy surrounding Israel’s involvement in Eurovision this year.

The singer said that while they cherish the “most incredible friendships” they made over the course of participating in the contest, the country’s involvement did cast a “cloud” over the events.

“There was a lot of pushback behind the scenes from me and a lot of the other artists,” Bambie Thug added.

“It’s impossible for me to stay silent because I am pro-justice and pro-peace and it’s very scary how desensitised and disconnected our human race is these days.

“Everyone needs their eyes on Rafah right now.”

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