Drake had the most-streamed song on Spotify for almost half of 2018 2 years ago

Drake had the most-streamed song on Spotify for almost half of 2018

King Drizzy reigns supreme.

Love him or hate him, Drake is a pretty big deal.


In many ways, the Canadian rapper is the perfect icon for the Spotify generation and he has the data to back it up.

You might remember a song that he released all the way back in January by the name of 'God's Plan', which was later accompanied by a video in which he gave away one million dollars.

Clip via Drake

It's a decent if unremarkable tune, which is fairly on-brand for the 32-year-old.

As it turns out, 'God's Plan' does boast a remarkable feat; it was the most-played song on Spotify across the world for nearly half of the entire year.

The green-tinted streaming behemoth shared its listener data across the festive period, with Drake the big winner on 8.2 billion (yes, billion) streams in total.


'God's Plan' alone is responsible for over one billion of those, topping Spotify’s streaming charts on 158 days throughout 2018, comprising 43% of the year.

This also led to Drake becoming the top-selling singles artist of all time, as cited by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Given his seemingly never-ending request to release a constant supply of music, you can except 2019 to produce similar results if he feels like it.