A Dublin club will be playing non-stop power ballads for one glorious night 1 year ago

A Dublin club will be playing non-stop power ballads for one glorious night

Grab your mates and feel invincible.

Let it not be said that the nightlife scene in Dublin isn't eclectic.

Following evenings devoted to Bruce Springsteen and the soundtrack of the Tony Hawk games, The Button Factory in Dublin will be doing its very best to bring you the surge, the soar, the air guitar, the screaming vocals, the euphoria, the heartbreak, and most importantly, the cheese, when they host a night dedicated to playing non-stop power ballads.

Oh yes, they'll be be playing everything from divas to rockstars and those in attendance can expect to hear anything from Bon Jovi to Whitney Houston, Journey to Celine Dion, Whitesnake to Phil Collins, Alice Cooper to Michael Bolton and much, much more.

The night is called Air Punch and it sounds like heaven for anyone who loves power ballads.

Please note that sparkly spandex and aerodynamic hair is optional!

If you're the type of music lover that screams out the lyrics to Bon Jovi, Cher, Kiss, Whitney Houston, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Europe, Toto, Guns N’ Roses, and more, we think this is perfect for you.

As stated in the official event listing "have the Benylin at the ready for Sunday morning because your throats are going to be in ruins." We think that's going to prove very accurate.

The event takes place on 26 January and tickets are on sale now.

There are various pricing options available above but you can also chance your arm and pay on the door from 11pm on the night (€10 before 11:30pm / €15 after).